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March 11, 2017

And suddenly we found ourselves whisked away by Lincoln Motor Canada to the small town of Old Quebec where we explored on quaint cobblestone streets, captured the beautiful European like architecture and fine dined at restaurants with a Parisian sense of taste and style. The weekend was nothing short of luxurious from the moment we stepped into the Auberge Saint Antoine Hotel to having epic brunches at the Chateau Frontenac and driving our luxed out Lincoln MKC to explore this fine city.

If you are celebrating something special and plan to spend a weekend in Old Quebec with your significant other, this guide is my fancy recommendation to you. We celebrated my hubbies birthday and being the amazing man he is, he deserved this ultimate experience provided by our friends at Lincoln Motor Canada. Depending on when you plan to visit, I do recommend having a car, especially if you want to discover other areas of Quebec.
Exploring in our trusty, beautiful, cozy, and luxurious LINCOLN MKC was icing on the cake of this truly amazing weekend. The white exterior with contrasting tan leather seats is my favorite combination. We called her “DIVA”, because she is definitely a showoff.
I tended to look up a lot to enjoy the beautiful sky and scenery thanks to our extra large sunroof. And did you happen to catch my Instagram stories where we used the automatic parallel parking button? It saved the hubbies tush a few times since he is not the best at parallel parking. It was so exciting to watch, I was in awe!

We did quite a bit of exploring away from the city, and getting from point A to B was flawless thanks to our built in navigation system. And can we talk about the sound system with blue tooth capabilities? YES PLEASE.
If you want to get to know more about this luxury compact SUV, click here for more features.

Below I’ve given you how we spent our weekend in Quebec, day by day. It’s a mix of exploring and romance.  My hope is that you get some ideas from this and make it your own with your loved one. Let’s get started!

We arrived in the early evening at the Auberge Saint-Antoine, a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Old Quebec. We stayed in a unique hotel room called the “007” James Bond room, which was on its own floor away from the rest of the hotel. It had a Queen bed, living room, kitchenette, 1 full bath and 1 half bath. It had its own private entrance which also went directly to their famed Panache Restaurant. My hubby absolutely loved it! He was like a kid in a candy store. I especially loved the black and gold detailing throughout the room.
After we checked in, we proceeded to the Panache Restaurant for a late night romantic fine dining. I loved the rustic interior which is perfect for intimate events and weddings.

We woke up bright and early to explore the outskirts of the city! First stop, sunrise at the Ferry Terminal docks to catch the magnificence of the Chateau Frontenac above Old Quebec.
We drove 25 minutes out to the small town of Sainte-Anne De-Beaupré and snapped a shot of this gorgeous church.
Driving back towards the city, we passed by Montmorency Falls to chase the frozen waterfalls.>
After a late breakfast back at the hotel, we drove out to Siberia Station Spa for a couples massage. They are well known for their outdoor hot tubs in the winter. It’s a Scandinavian concept where you alternate hot and cold with relaxation. Very cool to see, but we were not prepared with swimwear so we weren’t able to experience it.
Shown above, they also have a cafe where you can get hot chocolate on a stick! Mmmmm….
Post spa, we visited the Maison de la Literature, a very minimal, aesthetically cool library!
Pre-dinner, we surprised the hubby with a romantic Calèches Ride around Old Quebec. We were greeted by our driver Sandra and Bob the horse (he is such a sweetie) and champagne! I was wondering if Bob was at all cold, but our driver Sandra assured us that he had on his winter coat and was more then able to take on the cold. We ourselves could not, haha. We were in freezing temperatures, so we did have to cut the ride short and head to dinner early. It was definitely a cool experience, pun intended!
Bob and Sandra dropped us off at the Saint-Amour, a fine dining french cuisine restaurant. I loved the atmosphere and the food was top notch.


Sunday, brunch day! If you are looking for a Sunday brunch, the Chateau Frontenac has an amazing brunch buffet. The dessert table was INSANE. And absolutely loved the views it had to offer. Make sure to reserve ahead of time as it is a very popular brunch spot.
This day was about exploring the area we were staying in – all the quaint little areas Old Quebec had to offer. Just outside the Chateau Frontenac is this outdoor boardwalk where you can see the city of Levis across the river.
A short walk from Chateau Frontenac (but we drove haha) is the quaint neighborhood of Quartier Petit Champlain where you will find adorable little shops and restaurants. It’s a very popular place for tourists to eat and shop.
In the Quartier Petit Champlain area, you will find the Galerie Place Royale, an open and quaint area with an art gallery and shops.
Exploring the small streets of Old Quebec by foot is the best way to see the richness of the city.
We drove out to catch the sunset on the other side of the river in the city of Levis. You can also take the Ferry across the river to catch it from a different vantage point.
We then headed to dinner at Le Continental another fine dining restaurant. It was an interactive and memorable dining experience. They are known for cooking the meals at your table, flambé style.

Craving doughnuts and coffee for our morning brekkie we drove to Saint-Henri. Craving satisfied!
Our last half day in Quebec we headed to the infamous Hôtel de Glace. We had a private tour with our guide Doris who was absolutely lovely! Such an amazing walk through the various room concepts. In the end we got to make our own glasses to grab a drink at their ice bar.

 The popular question was, do people actually sleep in the hotel? And the answer is YES. They do have a hotel room set up for you in the next door hotel should it prove too cold and difficult. During the day the hotel is open to tourists. At 8pm it closes to prepare for the guests. At 9pm, guests arrive for their stay. It would definitely have been an experience to sleep there, but walking through the hotel, I could already tell I would not be one to make it through the night. But if I were to sleep here, the pink princess room would be my pick. =P

We had the most amazing and romantic luxury getaway. Big thank you to Lincoln Motor Canada for this amazing experience. The weekend would not have been possible without our DIVA Lincoln MKC.

Hope you enjoyed this travel guide and were able to take some ideas for your next Quebec adventure!

This post was sponsored by Lincoln Motor Canada. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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