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December 27, 2017

I’ve never purchased pre-loved designer items before because I’ve always loved having a fresh start with a new item. But I’ve been tempted to buy in the past as the prices for these items are significantly less expensive. It’s hard to find an online consignment destination where there is trust and you can rely on them to make sure the purchase you made is exactly as pictured.

That’s why I was lucky to have found VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE – a luxury online consignment store where you can purchase pre-loved designer items at a fraction of the cost and trust they will do a good job in making sure what you get is what you pay for.

The process of inspection is really cool. The pre-loved item is sent into VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE and from there, they do their own inspection before sending to the final destination. If the item is not up to standards, they contact you and re-negotiate or refund you.

I ordered two coats for the fall/winter. The coat shown here is Isabel Marant and arrived promptly a week after the order was processed. The pre-loved price for it was $500USD, where usually it would run in the $900USD range. It was a little shorter than what I thought I saw in the images and wish that it went past my tushy. But I really like the structure of it. I love how my sweatshirt and blouse didn’t look so bulky underneath the jacket, thanks to the oversize arms. When I ordered it, it said the jacket was in great condition and after inspecting it myself, I found that to be true. But one thing I noticed was the smell of the previous owner’s perfume so I did have to get it dry cleaned before wearing it.

The second jacket I ordered went in for inspection and unfortunately did not meet the standards of VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE. They did try to re-negotiate, however in the end I was refunded. It was a shame because I was really looking forward to it.

Would I shop at VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE again? Absolutely. They have an amazing selection of designer items on consignment and my budget conscious wallet will not take too much of a hit. They have everything from bags, shoes, clothing and accessories. You can find the hottest trends without breaking the bank, and I’m all about that.

Hope you liked this review and the outfit! And as always, thanks so much for stopping by.


Isabel Marant Coat from VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE
Sincerely Jules Sweatshirt
Zara Tunic Blouse and Grey Jeans

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