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October 8, 2018

The fresh sea breeze whipped our faces as we departed the plane. Our feet hit the tarmac and we continued onto the airport transport to take us to arrivals. The hubby and I finally made it to Santorini and we could not be more excited. After 5 years of marriage, we finally took the plunge to spend the money on our dream destination – GREECE.

As we drove through the dusty roads passing the many iconic white homes, we were exhausted and knew we were going to call it an early night after we checked into our cave home for the next 5 nights. We decided not to stinge out on the accommodations, and spend the money on a room right by sea where we can view the epic sunsets unobstructed by tourists. It was money well spent.

As tourist season winds down, September/October is the perfect time to book travels to Greece. The weather is not too hot during the day and there is a nice cool breeze in the evening. And it’s much easier to navigate through the small cobble stone streets in the morning as it’s not too busy till about noon.

Exploring Oia can only be done on foot. Be warned, there are many stairs and you will get a work out. There are also many tourists that show up in the afternoon because of the cruise ships that dock, and they tend to pack the small streets of the market till about sunset. And if an epic sunset is what you’re looking for, head to the castle very early to grab a seat. There are those that go there as early as 5:00pm and sunsets in September are around 7:30pm.

We heard Oia was expensive as it was a major tourist attraction. On the first night, we ended up spending $90CAD on an average dinner for two. It’s so easy to spend a lot just on food, so we made sure to find things during the day that were inexpensive, and splurge a little on dinner. Most hotels include breakfast (yay) but if you’re on a budget, $3 euro pitas from Pito Gyros is your best friend. The hubby and I had it every single day, haha. It’s yummy and filling and hit the spot every single time.

One thing we vowed to ourselves was to not let our incessant photo taking get in the way of really enjoying the moment and our surroundings. We wanted to be relaxed and not feel pressured to get the perfect shot. However, staying here for 5 nights, we had ample time to shoot beautiful photos as we explored the beautiful city of Oia.

I hope you enjoy the photo diary and LOOKBOOK VIDEO below!

PS. OUTFIT DETAILS can be found in the description box of my LOOKBOOK on my my Youtube channel!

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