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August 11, 2016

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Forest Gump.

You should have seen my hubby’s face when I told him we were going to Savannah. I even surprised myself, being a big city girl. I wanted to choose a destination that wasn’t so obvious but had the cool factor behind it. But Savannah had the “AWWW” factor. Everywhere we turned, I was like … “awwwww” and “OMG, so cute!” If you follow me on Snapchat, you would know why your next destination should be Savannah. Without further adieu, I give you my TOP FIVE REASONS why you need to book this beautiful city as your next travel destination.

Vintage southern charm oozes out of every nook and cranny of the Historical District. Even though it was hot and humid as heck, we loved walking through all of the many squares, green with envy. One of my favorite aspects are the large old oak trees draped with eerie spanish moss. On the outskirts of the squares are many historical homes and buildings, some having been restored to become public museums, inn’s and restaurants. I absolutely adore all of the little ornate architectural details that give the homes and buildings its charm. And if you’re into ghost stories, you’ll be glad to know Savannah has been named as “America’s Most Haunted City”. I did feel some hairs on the back of my neck stand up at some points of my stay. Spooky or not, I also deem it as very romantic and a great place for a couples weekend getaway.



According to Conde Nast Traveller Readers, Savannah was voted as the “World’s 30 Friendliest City’s” and boy, they weren’t wrong. From restaurant service to uber and taxi rides to folks on park benches, this place is beautiful inside out. You can’t stop the warm fuzzy feels that invade your insides as you walk through the park and are greeted by passerby’s in friendly fashion. I think a lot of it also has to do with their southern drawl, which I seem to have adopted when I was down there. It was too cute ya’ll.

This is probably one of the sections you’ve been waiting for. What to do when you arrive in Savannah? I wasn’t able to cover all of the attractions and sites, or rather, I only wanted to cover what I was most interested in – namely capturing the beauty of Savannah and all of its yummy eats. Never the less, I was able to cover a lot of ground in just three days. You can find many of the places below in the Historical District of Savannah.

My favorite street to wander for historical homes is JONES STREET. On this street you will find the famous restaurant Mrs Wilkes, and if you walk a little further down, you will find goals on goals of the most charming homes.




Savannah has a total of 22 SQUARES that are basically small parks where you can chill, play Pokemon Go, read a good book on a park bench or watch the passerbys on their merry way. My favorite square to have visited is Columbia Square. Not because of the actual square, but of the house that sits on the corner of York and Habersham Street. It’s seriously the home of my dreams, at least on the outside, haha. Thank you Lauren of Visit Savannah for helping me find it! Chippewa Square is famous because Forest Gump was filmed there. If you saw on my Snapchat, I sat in the exact same spot of Mr. Gump himself. But if you’re trying to look for the bench in the movie, then you will find it the Savannah History Museum.



We uber’d to the WORMSLOE HISTORIC SITE where live oak trees draped the long road leading into the museum and walking trail.


If you’re looking to feel some goose bumps, head to BONAVENTURE CEMETARY. Spooky, but oh so beautiful! And yes, again with the beautiful oak trees. Originally a plantation, the cemetary became famous when it was featured in the 1994 novel, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt.



Walk to FORSYTH PARK and take a picture in front of the grand parisian like white fountain.


Head to the RIVER WALK where you can find many eats while you enjoy the ambience. I had delicious beignets from Huey’s and OMG. So good. It’s very lively on the weekend and we loved capturing the sunset on the river. Also close to River Street you can catch more action at the City Market. Lots of food, shopping and entertainment.


But if shopping is what you’re looking for, head to BROUGHTEN STREET where you will find many of the world’s brands like HM, J Crew and Free People. Stop by for coffee and adorable gifts at the Paris Market.

About a 20 minute drive away from the Historical District is TYBEE BEACH. We visited the Tybee Beach Pier Pavilion and chilled on one of the many swing benches located on the beach. We then headed to the Back River Fishing Pier to capture the sunset then proceeded to the famous Crab Shack. I do warn you, we were stranded at around 9:30pm because there were no Uber’s available at that time. We had to call a taxi and they cost $40USD to get back into the city and you have to wait up to an hour to get one. I don’t recommend going home at night. Get there early to do your activities, have an early dinner and leave at around 8pm latest to get back into town.



2. FOOD!!!
Now I know this is the section you are looking forward to the most. I know I would if it was me reading up on Savannah! Being a pescetarian, we were lucky that Savannah had so many great options to dine. You ready for the yummy images?

On our first night, we did take out at NANCY’S FISH MARKET. You will need to drive out of the Historic District, it’s about a 7 minute uber drive. They have fresh seafood and cook it for you on the spot. We had the seafood boil, crab cakes and conch. It definitely hit the spot!

If you’re looking for some fancy eats, then head your way to THE OLDE PINK HOUSE. It’s an old colonial mansion that was converted into a 16,000 Sq Ft. Dining space and has something like 10 dining rooms and can seat 430 people at once. It’s a popular dining destination for tourists, but if I’m going to be honest, I love the outside aesthetics more than the food.


GOOSE FEATHERS CAFE is a must for breakfast. No interior aesthetics, just good ol’ comfort food at its best.

We stopped by HUEY’S ON THE RIVER for the beignets. Make sure to add the praline sauce for extra nomz.


THE COLLINS QUARTER mimics Australian style brunch and coffee. If you love a pretty cup of coffee, order the lavender mocha.


Head to LEOPOLD’S ICE CREAM for your ice cream fix. I loved the Peanut Butter Chippy flavour as recommended by Lauren of Visit Savannah.

Be warned, arrive at MRS. WILKES early and be prepared to wait a while in line for this popular southern food destination. I want to thank Lucky Savannah for hooking us up to bypass the line! What I loved most about this restaurant is the family style dining where you get to eat with total strangers. We had some great conversations on that table!


COTTON & RYE is one of my top restaurants picks. My absolute favorite dish was the Shrimp and Grits. And that Candy Bar Dessert… Oh-Em-JEEZ.



THE FLORENCE SAVANNAH is a little bit further out, but the interior is beautiful and the food is fresh. I especially enjoyed the Tomato Tortellini: blue crab, confit tomato & brodo, picked herbs and fennel pollen. A very light dinner dish if you don’t want to feel too full.


SOHO SOUTH is a lovely open and airy restaurant that has a smaller dining area off to the side that feels like you’re in Paris. We had the Shrimp Po Bo’s.


I was so down to visit when I saw MIRABELLE CAFE had a variety of waffle options. We tried the Peach Cobbler waffle and it did not disappoint.

Inside the beautiful PARIS MARKET is an adorable cafe. You can find your pastry and coffee fix as well as some home made ice pops to beat the heat.


After watching the sunset on Tybee beach, we made our way to the CRAB SHACK. Let’s just say, it rates as one of the top on my list of go to restaurant destinations. Try the Captain Crab’s Sampler Platter so you can try different seafood options like shrimp, crab, crawfish and mussels.


If you’re feeling a little YOLO on money, stop by CHOCOLATE by ADAM TURONI. Each chocolate is about $3USD, but it’s handmade, rich and decadent. There was one particular chocolate that I can’t remember the name, but I really enjoyed. It had a red jam inside of it. In the picture, it’s the square mint colored one.

Thanks to Lucky Savannah, I was introduced to BYRD’S COOKIES. We found the cookie shop while walking around City Market. You need need need to try the Georgia Peach Cookies. Dreaming of them right now.

I can go on and on about The Grant Savannah (run by Lucky Savannah). Yes, the stay was complimentary. NO, I am not being biased on my feelings as to why this is number one on my list. My jaw dropped as we entered this spectacular 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom vintage modern hotel style apartment. Squealing like a little girl, we loved every aspect of this space. It’s truly dreamy and I can totally see myself living here. Sometimes we didn’t want to leave because we just wanted to stay in the king size cloud like bed and veg like broccoli. Coming home to this beautiful and relaxing space after a long day of site seeing and eating felt UH-MAZING. We liked to bring home our take out and eat in the modern white minimal kitchen. One of the top reasons for being number one, aside from the aesthetically pleasing interior, was the convenience of location. It’s located in the heart of the Historical District on Broughton Street (shoppinggg) and walking distance to so many of the great restaurants, squares and sites I listed above. Once you book your stay, you can download the Lucky Savannah app where it will give you information on your stay, weather forecast and a list of things to do and places to visit. And lastly, their hospitality and service was on point. They were so nice to accommodate our early check in and a late check out which helped us tremendously. Now you don’t have to necessarily stay at the Grant Savannah (although I highly highly recommend it). The Lucky Savannah has so many great vacation rental options if you’re looking for something that is not a hotel. Make sure to check them out if you are visiting Savannah!








Big shoutout to Lauren of VISIT SAVANNAH for giving me the down low on all the cool gems to hit up. If you want to research more about Savannah, make sure to head to the Visit Savannah Website.

My goal was to make you want to visit this magical place. Have I succeeded? Make sure to comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Have a fabulous day lovelies!


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    Loved l the pictures! I went to college best Savannah, so it has been one of my favourite places. But I have a question……with all that eating, how in the world do you stsy so thin??? What IS your secret???

  • Reply Cath Calmels August 14, 2016 at 1:52 am

    Living in both cities Paris France and Savannah GA, I can tell you that Savannah is the perfect city for Quality of Life… One point, your blog is great but you forgot the so wonderful modern museum and you didn’t mention the SCAD which brought life and renovate the city with so deep soul, they are more than important and deserve a mention…

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