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July 30, 2016

Hey beautiful people! I didn’t even realize it was a long weekend until the hubby mentioned it yesterday. Our weekend is looking like every other weekend. Nothing really new, except more brunch places and Tee-dot to explore. See what I did there? I should explain. As a Torontonian, we call Toronto the “T-Dot”. I’m not really sure why, but I’m down with it. Do you see what I did now? Lols. Comment below if you still don’t get it and I’ll clue you in.

To celebrate the long weekend I decided to wear my favorite blush/peach blazer from Zara. I bought the coordinate set as seen in my previous post here. Paired it with adorable Zara slides from their new AW 2016 collection and an even more adorable Zara pink suede purse which is currently on sale! And I recently received some beautiful rose gold rings from Olive and Piper which you can find here and here to add some sparkle. I mean, we all need some sparkle in our life. And these rings make me so bling blinging happy.

You know when you’re cruising trying to get to your next destination and come across so many adorable food spots? I love finding places where barely any Instagrammer has been before. We drove by Luna Cafe the previous week and I vowed to come back and brunch there. So we did and it was not disappointing. Nestled inside a cozy little neighborhood, it’s a tiny hidden gem in our city. It wasn’t amazing food, but it was satisfying. I appreciated the plating and the casual hippie vibes of the space. Even though they were under staffed, the food came out quickly and efficiently. The menu had so many great choices, I feel like I need to come back again. And I will!

Sometimes you just have to pull over and jump out of your car when you see something special. And we saw the most charming whimsical house in the neighborhood. It reminds me of our next vacation spot we will be in this time next week! Can you guess where? Add me on Snapchat to find out.

Lastly, we hit up Tucana Coffee on the west side then proceeded to explore explore explore.

Hope your weekend has been some kind of amazing!


luna-cafe-toronto Luna Cafe in Toronto





tucana-coffee-toronto-4 Tucana Coffee in Toronto





Zara Blazer, Slides and Bag
White denim shorts HERE
Olive and Piper Rings and necklace HERE, HERE, and HERE
Rose Gold Watch HERE


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