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Daily Outfits Winter


I literally just got back home from my 3 day trip to the Bahamas and back to cold snow stormy Toronto. The weather is demanding me to post more winter layered styles and so I’ve rounded up some outfits I have posted on my…

February 4, 2018
Daily Outfits Spring Winter


Happy Monday beau-tees! This week’s theme is inspired around Parisian street style. I’m obsessed with how Parisians can rock a simple outfit but make it look so DAMN EFFORTLESS. You will find a lot of basic essentials in a French girl’s closet. Don’t be…

January 28, 2018
Daily Outfits Winter


Hi beau-tees! Welcome to my first outfit series on my blog! My goal is to start your week off with some outfit inspiration since so many of you engage with it on my instagram. I will try my best to have it go live…

January 23, 2018
Daily Outfits Winter


As I sit here eating my macaroni and cheese with ketchup and sriracha sauce, I thought I’d give you a quicky outfit post to ring in the frigid all time low temperatures. My new year has been off to a rather lazy start. All…

January 7, 2018
Collaborations Daily Outfits Winter


I’ve never purchased pre-loved designer items before because I’ve always loved having a fresh start with a new item. But I’ve been tempted to buy in the past as the prices for these items are significantly less expensive. It’s hard to find an online…

December 27, 2017