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Daily Outfits Winter


Happy Monday! I’m currently packing for Vegas and trying to get this blog post up before I leave! So I hope you won’t mind my quick intro /outro. If you enjoy this weekly post, leave me a comment below and let me know which…

March 18, 2018
Daily Outfits Winter


Travelling is EXHAUSTING. Sometimes I just wanna stop cus it really does take a toll on your body and I feel bad for always constantly leaving behind my hubby and puppies. You can imagine how much time and energy I have for blogging (zero)…

March 12, 2018
Daily Outfits Videos Winter


Happy Monday beau-tees! Today’s weekly outfits post is a little different! It’s a video on all of my outfits from my travels back in December 2017 to California, Spain and Portugal. It’s a follow up to my last TRAVEL PACKING VIDEO, How I Packed…

February 26, 2018
Daily Outfits Winter


Happy Family Day (if this is a holiday you celebrate)! This past weekend has been painfully busy. We just finished painting our bedroom and it took us a good 3 days and 3 paint cans to get it done. But I still made time…

February 19, 2018
Daily Outfits Winter


I was super lucky to be in a winter wonderland downtown while we shot these outfits! But to be honest, it wasn’t very smart winter dressing. I’m the type of girl to show her ankles and bare legs all seasons. So don’t take this…

February 11, 2018