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December 14, 2016

Hey babes!  I just came back from Bali and wanted to share with you my tropical travel essentials. Aside from clothing, I didn’t want to pack too heavy, so I tried to keep it simple. But being a blogger, maybe I shouldn’t dig myself into a hole and say simple haha.  However, these are all very necessary objects for me.  Let’s begin!

– Passport
– Smartphone
– Credit/Debit cards
– Itinerary
– Exchanged currency

A great multi action moisturizer. In this case, I brought along with me the Marcelle’s LumiPOWER 3in1 Cream. Normally I would need a heavier cream, but because I was headed to a hot and humid destination, this cream was enough to keep my skin happy and hydrated. It acts as a day cream, night cream, and eye contour cream and has that anti aging power us older gals need.  I love that it’s hypoallergenic and perfume free as I’m not attracted to heavy scents.  You can shop this cream at your local drug store or online for a mere $21.95 CAD.
marcelle4I also brought with me:
– Foundation powder
– Blush
– Liquid liner
– Heavy duty bug spray (for those nasty mosquitoes)
– Sunscreen for the face and body (I use SPF 60, haha)
– Lip balm with SPF
– A good straw sun hat
– Flat sandals and/or flip flops
– A trusty watch (in case your phone dies)
– Sunglasses
– Key jewelry essentials (I usually bring extra rings)
– A big Tote bag to carry everything
– Smartphone (second time stating this because I can’t live without mine)
– Portable laptop and/or Tablet
– Digital Mirrorless Camera and/or DSLR
– Chargers and batteries for all of the above
– Extra portable charger for your smartphone
– Power Adapter/Converter (read up on dual voltage for Bali)
– Gum and/or strong mints
– Pills for heartburn and acid reflux
– A Pen
– Umbrella

Most of these items fit in my Tote bag and my hubbies camera backpack. Leave what you don’t need in your hotel room and change it up day to day as needed. Let me know what you bring with you on tropical destinations and if I left anything out! Thanks for reading and see you on the next post!

marcelle5This post was sponsored by Marcelle and all opinions are my own.

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