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May 14, 2017

So excited to share with you my Venice Italy Travel Diary!


The most important thing to know about Venice is that there are NO CARS allowed on the island. You will need to take water taxis or ferries, or travel around the good ol’ fashion way – BY FOOT. We arrived by train from Florence and took a water taxi to our hotel destination. I would advise to take your time and walk everywhere. Exploring by foot is the best way to see a small city like Venice. There are so many wonderful little nooks and crannies and vintage bridges and buildings, you can only see by walking around.

Make sure your electrical equipment is dual voltage. As long as your equipment is dual voltage, then you only need an adapter which only costs you a couple of dollars. Bring more than one or two. If your items are not dual voltage, I don’t recommend you bring it. Most electronics are. For me, my hair curler was the one item I really needed and so I bought a cheap one that is dual voltage. The alternatives are converters (which you can only use for short periods of time) or transformers (but are expensive and large).

Same as any other tourist city in Italy, you will need to pay a premium when you dine in at a restaurant. Meals can cost anywhere from $30 Euro to $50 Euro per person for an entree and glass of wine. We dined in one night at a nice restaurant and the other nights we did take out – a whole pizza and pasta can be $15 EURO depending on where you pick it up. We also came across some really tasty take out only pasta for as low as $6 Euro. My favorite drink to pick up at a local grocer is the bottled BELLINI – so addictive especially if you love girly drinks.

Venice is generally safe. We did not see any homeless people on the streets, and we didn’t see any scammers, only people trying to sell their little knick knacks in the high traffic areas. We did see signs on people’s homes to “beware of theft”. However, our Air Bnb felt pretty safe and secure.


WARNING: A lot of the images you see below were taken as we explored by foot. Unfortunately we did not geotag many of the these places. Hope you enjoy!I’m a wisteria girl! Love coming across these beauties!
OUTFIT: Winona Australia Dress, Aritzia Denim Jacket, Mode Collective Sneakers, Zara Bag
I heart Venice! Taken from the Rialto Bridge.
$6 Euro take out pasta at BIGOI.
Taking a break and enjoying my gelato with a view.
If you don’t mind spending $80 Euro on a 30 minute Gondola ride, then by all means, splurge away! You can share the ride up to 6 people. But you may be able to negotiate the rate with the Gondeliers. One of them offered us $60 Euro on their downtime.
OUTFIT: Winona Australia Dress in White, also in RED
These beautiful passageways!
Piazza San Marco is one of the busiest tourist areas of Venice. I’m in love with the architecture of Palazzo Ducale!
OUTFIT: HM Denim Jacket
We snapped so many photos of pretty bridges in Venice. They’re endless!
Basilica di Santa Maria
OUTFIT: Kathryn McCarron Cardigan, Zara Bag, Mode Collective Sneaker, Asos Denim
Venice is so AWE-inspiring. This was taken in the same area as the Basilica.
One of my favorite alley pics!
OUTFIT: Storets Ruffle Sweater, Zara Bag, HM Denim Jacket
Amour <3
Pasta from Osteria Al Bacareto. I love seafood pasta PERIOD!
All the feels of Marrakech at Palazza Cavalli-Franchetti
Shopping is everywhere in Venice! Standing in front of Chiesa di San Moise

Ciao Venezia! It was a blast!


Black Winona Australia Dress
Red Winona Australia Dress, also in white
Storets Ruffle Sweater
HM Denim Jacket
Kathryn McCarron Cardigan
ASOS White Jeans
Mode Collective Sneakers
Senso Barney Boots
Zara Bag


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